Hydra pH Buffer (Pond pH Buffer)

Hydra pH Buffer (Pond pH Buffer)
 Hydra pH Buffer (Pond pH Buffer)Hydra pH Buffer (Pond pH Buffer) 



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  • Keeps pond water at optimum alkalinity and hardness for healthy fish
  • Balances Pond water pH and hardness especially in soft water areas
  • Helps protect against effects of acid rain which can cause a pH crash
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 1,000 litres

Brand:  HYDRA


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Features & Advantages

  • Hydra pH Buffer is specially formulated to balance and maintain the pond water at optimum pH levels.
  • Slowly add buffers to the water to balance GH (General Hardness) as well as potassium hydrogen carbonate (KHCO3) hardness.
  • Ideal to use in ponds with soft water.
  • Increases buffering capacity of the water.
  • Counters the low pH levels (increased acidity) occurring due to inevitable rain water addition in the ponds. The rain waters may contain high amounts of CO2 – as result of change in climatic conditions due to global warming. Since CO2 is acidic in nature the pH level of the pond dips considerably after rain.
  • Ponds constructed using vinyl liners or fibre glass show steady decline in alkalinity due to the absence of natural pH buffers. Hydra pH Buffer balances out the pH and maintains the acceptable pH level in the ponds.



The Problem

Most ponds, especially those in soft water areas, show steady decrease in pond alkalinity over time. The reasons for reduced alkalinity are:

  • Bacterial activities in the water that release acidic compounds.
  • Rains with high COcontent mixing with the pond water.
  • Fertilizer run offs from the surrounding area, dead vegetation and fish excrement in the pond water.

Aquatic processes are pH sensitive, a slight imbalance in the pH levels drastically affects the fish and their body functions leading to stress and diseases. Therefore pond hobbyists strive to maintain optimum pH levels at all times.

 The Solution

Hydra pH Buffer granules slowly release buffering compounds in the water to keep the pond at optimum hardness and alkalinity. An ideal solution to balance pond pH.

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