Hydra Laminar Air System ET100T750

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  • Air Pump = 6,000 litres per hour
  • Tube diffuser = 750mm (Weighted base)
  • Air Hose = 30 metres (Black Braided)
  • Pond Size = up to 50,000 to 150,000 litres

Features & Advantages

  • The system includes 20mm air hose (30m), linear air pump, hose clips, high quality diffuser (EPDM covered).
  • Use all round the year for de-icing and de-stratification.
  • Keeps the water body in movement hence preventing stagnation and associated bad smell.
  • Diffuser mounted on a rust resistant base produces number of tiny air bubbles which expose the water body to ample air as these bubbles travel from bottom to the top surface.
  • Better water quality enhances fish health.
  • Oxygen rich water supports aerobic activity, which in turn leads to accelerated breakdown of toxins.
  • Keeps water algae free.

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System - Technical Specification
Hydra Laminar Air System - For Rectangular Ponds/Lakes
Model Code
 Air Volume
Size Pond / Lake(litres)
6,000 LPH
Tube 750mm
105 w
45 db

Hydra Laminar Air System ET100T750 successfully aerates large rectangular water bodies containing 50,000-150,000 litres of water. The system infuses the water with a rich supply of oxygen. Overload of nutrients in the form of overfed fish, half eaten fish food, runoff from the surrounding greeneries etc. decreases water quality and clarity. In absence of enough oxygen aerobically active bacteria cease to act, giving way to anaerobic ones, which are far less efficient at breaking down the excessive nutrients and the organic deposit accumulated in the water. Pond aeration pump or pond oxygenators restore oxygen balance in the water promoting aerobic bacteria to proliferate. Organic matter decomposes faster with aerobic action, giving you enhanced water quality and clarity. Fish and other aquatic living beings thrive well with fish pond aerator systems.

Hydra Laminar Air System creates sub aeration current that travels from bottom to the top surface of water, the tiny air bubbles or water touching bubbles created in the process exposes water to ample air. The movement in the water body also helps in preventing bad smell due to algal growth in nutrient rich stagnant waters. Use lake aeration kits to prevent suffocation or distress in fish.

Vented Waterproof Enclosure Measurements

460 mm
320 mm
330 mm
13" (measurements at widest part)

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