Hydra Laminar Air System ET60T500

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  • Air Pump = 3,600 litres per hour
  • Tube diffuser = 500mm (Weighted base)
  • Air Hose = 30 metres (Black Braided)
  • Pond Size = up to 20,000 to 60,000 litres

Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Laminar Air System for rectangular lakes and ponds effectively replenishes oxygen in large bodies of water. The submerged aeration system remains hidden while maintaining the natural view.
  • Checks algae growth, improves water quality.
  • Helps in breaking down of the toxic substances dissolved in the water including harmful nitrites and ammonia.
  • Use throughout the year. Use for de-icing and de-stratification of water in winters.
  • Improves oxygen supply in water resulting in healthier, active fish.
  • Helps aquatic organisms including plants, invertebrates and vertebrates to thrive.
  • High quality commercial grade construction of all components.
  • Improved oxygen supply promotes aerobic bacteria to colonise.
  • Mixes layers of water, preventing stagnation and resulting smell.

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System - Technical Specification
Hydra Laminar Air System - For Rectangular Ponds/Lakes
Model Code
 Air Volume
Size Pond / Lake(litres)
3,600 LPH
Tube 500mm
55 w
40 db

The problem:

 Hydra Laminar Air System is a perfect pond aeration kit that gives you freedom from the problems of :

  • Bad water quality
  • Unpleasant algal growth
  • Loss of beneficial bacteria
  • Less aquatic life thriving in the water
  • Depleted levels of dissolved oxygen in water
  • Inefficient breakdown of excessive nutrients deposits
  • COD level reaching harmful levels.

The ecological balance of all water bodies may go haywire when oxygen levels go down. Dissolved oxygen stores may deplete because of various reasons. Foremost and important reasons being:

  • Higher deposit of organic matter which requires more aerobic activity to decompose, hence utilising substantial oxygen.
  • Heavy rainfall during colder months.
  • Heat waves during summers.


Hydra Laminar Air System Flow Sub-Surface Aeration Systems introduce oxygen throughout the water. Subsurface aeration induces an airlift current running from bottom to the top surface of water with minimum energy consumption. (See video). These air bubbles arise from the flexible self-cleaning membrane diffuser mounted on a corrosion resistant heavy base. The aeration process follows a complete circulation cycle of 360 degree achieving high water circulation efficiency. Numerous tiny bubbles emerging from the diffuser offer large surface area to come in contact with water.

Aeration systems allow better utilization of nutrients through aerobic activities of bacteria, leaving little or nothing for the algae to thrive upon, thus discouraging algal growth, highly minimizing the cost involved in frequent algae treatments.

Vented Waterproof Enclosure Measurements

460 mm
320 mm
330 mm
13" (measurements at widest part)

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