Hydra Silt-Less Base (Part-1 of Organic Silt Treatment For Lakes)

Hydra Silt-Less Base (Part-1 of Organic Silt Treatment For Lakes)
 Hydra Silt-Less Base (Part-1 of Organic Silt Treatment For Lakes)Hydra Silt-Less Base (Part-1 of Organic Silt Treatment For Lakes) 



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  • Use only in combination with Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (Part-2) for effective organic silt removal
  • Natural way to get rid of organic silt and sludge build-up up to 9 inches (23cm) over a 12 month period
  • Prevents build-up of slime, green water, algae, blanket weed and odour in lakes
  • Massively increases surface area for bacteria to reproduce on and in
  • Use in Spring & Autumn for Optimum Results
  • Shelf life 3 years, 25 kilo treats up to 100m²

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Brand:  HYDRA


pdf Datasheet (Hydra Silt Less Base) - Click here

Features & Advantages

Note: Recommended to use only in combination with Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (Part-2) . Do not use as an independent application product.

  • Acts as a source of calcium, an essential nutrient for plants and aquatic life.
  • Counters acidity in water and lake organic silt, maintains ideal pH level of the water.
  • Natural mineral component.
  • Affordable and safer alternative to remove black mud at the lake bottom.

How To Use

Usage Rates

  • 25 kg of Hydra Silt-Less Base treats up to 100 sq. metres (1/40 acre)
  • 250 kg of Hydra Silt-Less Base treats up to 1,000 sq. metres (1/4 acre)
  • 500 kg  of Hydra Silt-Less Base treats up to 2,000 sq. metres (1/2 acre)
  • 1000 kg of  Hydra Silt-Less Base treats up to 4,000 sq. metres (1 acre)

Full Instructions on the label.


The Problem

A major contributor to the organic silt deposits at the lake bottom are the dead decaying leaves. Trees and plants surrounding the lake shed leaves in large numbers especially during autumn. These leaves find way inside the water bodies and settle at the bottom where they may partially decompose in absence right kind of environment. Apart from leaves, fish food, dead weeds and algae also sink to the bottom and contribute to the toxic or black mud layer at the bottom of the lake.

Using a net to cover the pond in autumn and regularly raking of leaves from the water surface helps in the slowing down the process of organic silt build up. However other factors, such as fish foods, dead water plants or algal blooms and blanket weed, slowly add to the and layers of organic silt.

Lake desilting with the help of machinery is a very time consuming, labour intensive as well as an expensive job. In addition, use of equipment to clear the lake bottom may strip out the lake of natural habitat.

Organic sediments reduce water clarity and the toxic effects of the sludge may prove fatal to the fish as well as to the beneficial bacteria present in the water. Other damaging effects of the organic silt deposits include depletion of dissolved oxygen levels, low pH (high acidity) levels and release of toxic gases including methane and bad smelling hydrogen sulphide.

Therefore, using a lake organic silt remover becomes an ideal option for lake management.

The Solution

Hydra Silt-Less Base together with Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria(Part-2) is an effective and economic method for organic silt removal, includes extremely porous and microscopic particles of calcium carbonate a naturally occurring mineral. These particles entrap air and provide large surface area to support the colonization of aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria are a fast sludge digester and give excellent lake cleaning results. When used twice a year (Spring - Autumn or Autumn - Spring) can reduce organic silt build-up up to 9 inches (23cm).

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