Hydra Devour (Grain size 2.0-4.0mm) For Filter Bags

Hydra Devour (Grain size 2.0-4.0mm) For Filter Bags
 Hydra Devour (Grain size 2.0-4.0mm) For Filter BagsHydra Devour (Grain size 2.0-4.0mm) For Filter Bags 

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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Aquarium phosphate and silicate remover, Grain Size 2-4mm
  • Adsorptive removal of phosphate and silicate from water in aquariums
  • Use 0.5-2.0 - Filter Cartridges, Fixed or Fluidised Beds. 2-4mm - Filter Bags
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats 10,000 ltr fresh water, 5,000 ltr sea water

Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Devour is a stabile form of special factory-made ferric hydroxide FeO(OH).
  • The product adsorbs phosphates, copper, selenium, arsenic, chromates along with many other heavy metals from aquatic systems. Hydra Devour works well both in fresh water as well as salt water.
  • Hydra Devour is suited to perform well in marine water aquariums, fresh water aquariums as well as in garden ponds.
  • Hydra Devour remains stable and reactive for long in water.
  • High adsorption surface. No backwashing required for a month if the water is pre-filtered.
  • Offers an area of 250 sq. metre per gram with its unique nano sized porous surface of the particles.
  • Hydra Devour adsorbs phosphates: 12g to 16g/kg and heavy metals: 5g to 8g/kg in fresh water.


Hydra Devour are special lab generated Ferric Hydroxide granulates with large surface area for efficient adsorption of silicate and phosphates from saltwater as well as fresh water aquatic systems including garden ponds. The granulates have unique nano sized porous surface that provides high adsorption rate of unwanted heavy metals and phosphate that promote algal growth.

The special production and drying process followed at Hydra facility generates robust and stable media that is highly reactive to phosphates. The large surface area of the granulates ensures quick and effective binding of the phosphate ions irreversibly to the filter medium. Hydra Devour gives effective results even in large aquatic systems that may circulate thousands of square meter water per day. The media remains insoluble in water and does not create clumps.

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