Hydra pH Up (Recover Pond pH)

Hydra pH Up (Recover Pond pH)
 Hydra pH Up (Recover Pond pH)Hydra pH Up (Recover Pond pH) 



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  • Rapidly releases pH buffering solution for quick recovery from pH crash
  • Rapidly increases GH general hardness and KH carbonate hardness in ponds
  • Emergency treatment helps protect from ammonia toxicity at low pH
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 7,000 litres

Brand:  HYDRA


Features & Advantages

  • Hydra pH Up is ideal to rescue pond water pH in case of sudden decrease in pH level (high acidity) of the pond.
  • Balances and maintains GH (General hardness) and KH carbonate hardness.
  • Rapid release of buffering solution in the water to counter decreased alkalinity due to rains which sometimes contains acidic CO2 under present day global warming conditions.
  • Bacterial actions in the ponds release acidic compounds that lead to low pond alkalinity. Hydra pH Up quickly rectifies this problem.
  • Man made ornamental ponds are constructed using fibre glass or vinyl liners. These ponds lack natural pH buffers therefore require a buffer solution to balance and maintain the acceptable pH level.


The Problem

Common causes of pH crash include carbonate depletion in the ecosystem of ponds. Carbonates, in turn show depletion due to release of carbon dioxide by fish during respiration, release of Hydrogen ion while ammonia reduction, heavy rainfall and various other factors. Ideally pH levels should not drop below 7, especially if there are koi and gold fish in the water.

The Solution

Hydra pH Up quickly adds pH buffering solution in the water to keep the pH levels balanced at optimum level. A perfect quick fix solution to rebalance the alkalinity in incidents of pond pH crash.


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