Hydra Phos-Gone (Phosphate Remover)

Hydra Phos-Gone (Phosphate Remover)

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  • Effective pond phosphate remover that immobilize phosphates in water
  • Phosphates are a food source (nutrients) for algae and blanket weed immobilize phosphates to be used as nutrients and bacteria that outcompetes the algae by eating up the other nutrients.
  • Also contains natural bacteria to rapidly break the phosphates down
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 100,000 litres

Features & Advantages

  • Eliminates more than 80% of phosphorus (present as phosphates) from the pond water, an important nutrient for blanket weed and algae to thrive upon.
  • Includes a special bacteria blend that feeds upon and uses up (within 4-6 weeks) other important nutrients on which algae and weeds survive.
  • Restores ecological balance of the water and inhibits further algal growth.
  • Tolerates and gives results over broad pH range of 6pH to 9pH.
  • Includes 100% biodegradable and natural minerals.
  • Hydra Phos-Gone particles react with phosphates to make an insoluble compound within them thus immobilizing phosphates for use as a nutrient.


The Problem

High amount of Phosphate in pond water is a result of over fed fish and dead decaying organic matter. Sometimes tap water also has high phosphate levels. Clean the filters and pond regularly to maintain good pond water quality with the right amount of nutrients dissolved.

The Solution

Hydra Phos-Gone is completely biodegradable Pond Phosphate Remover that removes phosphates by reacting with phosphates to form insoluble complexes that could not be used as nutrient by algae. Also eliminates other excessive nutrients through powerful bacterial action.



Mix With 1:10 with water, spread the solution around the entire surface of the pond.


Simply broadcast over the surface to be treated.

Circulate treated water for even distribution. For extreme algal problems, you may need to add an extra 50%.

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