Hydra Hand & Surface Sanitiser Liquid 250ml
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Hydra Hand & Surface Sanitiser Liquid 250ml



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Features & Advantages

  • Liquid alcohol based instant hand sanitiser liquid, highly effective against microbes on contact.
  • Effective against a wide range of bacteria.
  • Fast drying formula.
  • It does not dry out the skin after use. Hands remain soft and supple after sterilisation with Hydra Hand & Surface Sanitiser
  • Hydra Hand & Surface Sanitiser Liquid is anti-microbial hand sanitiser effective against bacteria long after application. Your skin remains safe and cross contamination is prevented.
  • Use where water based sanitisers cannot be used e.g. in shoes or gloves.


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How To Use

Dry wash and sterilising hands :

Dispense a small amount directly into palms. Rub hands together, paying special attention to the area around nails. Rub your hands until the product completely dries out.

Sterilise wet hands:

Wash hands prior to the use of Hand & Surface Sanitiser using Zeta Gold skin soap. Apply Hand & Surface Sanitiser onto the washed hands as a drying cum sterilising agent. Hand & Surface Sanitiser acts as a secondary cleaning agent for extra protection while eliminating the need of using wipes or towels to dry up hands after washing with water.

Disinfect footwear and gloves:

Spray the product directly above and inside the gloves, footwear or any other item you wish to disinfect. Allow time for drying up.

Disinfect cutting/ chopping equipment and knives:

  • Apply Hand & Surface Sanitiser over blades, use a clean cloth to wipe off. Allow drying time before using the articles.
  • Alternatively, fill the holding vessel with Hand & Surface Sanitiser and soak the articles to be disinfected. Take out the articles whenever required for food preparation. Wipe off any excess product and let dry.

Disinfect equipment and preparation surface:

Clean excessive debris. Spray Hand & Surface Sanitiser over the surface or apply using wipes. Allow the wiped/sprayed surface to dry. Hand & Surface Sanitiser leaves the surface clean and sterilised.

Use Hand & Surface Sanitiser in abattoirs, kitchens, farms, catering units, hospitals, zoos, kennels, catteries, and veterinary hospitals.

Full instruction on the product label.


Hand & Surface Sanitiser is an effective alcohol-based sanitiser, with a powerful effect. Hand & Surface Sanitiser is fast drying and the product ingredients remain active long after application  (up to two hours). Special formula ensures that the skin does not dry out with usage while refreshing the skin and leaving it soft and supple. The residual action of the product fights off bacteria for a long duration and prevents cross contamination. Hand & Surface Sanitiser is a versatile product that is safe to use in all departments of the food industry, including kitchen or food preparation areas. Use Hand & Surface Sanitiser to disinfect and clean cutting equipment, food preparation areas, tables, cooking utensils, gloves, shoes, etc. The product may be safely and effectively used in the places where water based disinfectants cannot be used, such as in boots and gloves. Hand & Surface Sanitiser dries up fast therefore is a useful alternative to washing or using water diluted sterilising/cleaning agents. The product is tested and proven as a food grade skin steriliser. Hand & Surface Sanitiser is widely used across various food industries including creameries, baby formulation manufacturing units, meat and food plants, high risk food areas, and breweries.

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