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The Solution

       Hydra Bio Accelerator slowly releases oxygen making
       the product an ideal choice for soil remediation
       through extended aerobic bioremediation.

       The process of bioremediation includes degradation of
       organic contaminants that are found in ground water
       and soil through microorganisms present naturally or
       introduced via an outer source. The process
       transforms the pollutants into harmless end products.

       Bio Accelerator releases oxygen for extended periods
       and supplements the rate limiting oxygen
       requirement of aerobically active microorganisms.

                                                                 Other Applications:

                                                                   In Agricultural Use
                                                                   Cattle-breeding

                                                                   Poultry-raising
                                                                   Bakery Industry

                                                                   Aquaculture
                                                                   Production of precious Metal

                                                                   Treating Wastewater

          How To Use

       Low water solubility also helps Hydra Bio Accelerator
       in continual oxygen releasing process months after
       the application.

       Bio Remediation Soil
       Once you know the total mass of contaminates, you
       can calculate the amount of oxygen required.
       As a rule of thumb 3 kilos of Hydra Bio Accelerator
       are required per 1 kilo of hydrocarbon.

       Use Hydra Bio Accelerator for Bio Remediation
       Use 3Kg of Hydra Bio Accelerator for every 1 kilo of
       hydrocarbon pollutant.

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