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Features & Advantages

            Blocks UV light, preventing photosynthesis of            Enhances the reflective properties of lakes and
             algae and weeds.                                          water features.

            Highly concentrated powder. Instantly goes               Completely free of pesticides and herbicides
             into solution, no un-dissolved residues.                  and other harmful chemicals.

            Gives a natural dark or shadow finish to lakes           Hides aquatic life from predators.
             - Lasts for months.
                                                                      Food based dye, harmless to lilies and plants.
            Blocks the sun's rays (UV light) to effectively
             starve the growth of existing algae and weeds            Safe with fish, any visiting wildlife or domestic
             also prevents formation of new growth.                    animals.

            Creates a stunning background for water                  Used by, Angling Clubs, Fish Breeders, Leisure
             plants.                                                   Lakes, Golf Clubs and Local Authorities.

          The Problem

                                                                 Most appear green in colour due to the light-
                                                                 collecting pigment known as chlorophyll-a.
                                                                 Hydra Lake Shade is very effective in prohibiting all
                                                                 types of lake weeds and algae.
                                                                 By using a non-toxic colorant in the water, you can
                                                                 partially filter sunlight, thereby thwarting the
                                                                 photosynthetic process for many aquatic weeds and

       Lake weeds, like all plants, algae and many bacteria,
       use the energy from sunlight to convert carbon
       dioxide into organic compounds, most typically,
       Without sunlight, photosynthesis could not occur and
       life as we know it could not flourish.
       Because they can synthesize food directly from
       carbon dioxide using light energy, lake weeds are
       classified as photoautotrophs.

                                                                 Therefore Hydra Lake Shade effectively prevents an
                                                                 excess of aquatic plant and algae growth.
                                                                 Hydra Lake Shade will also hide unsightly growth,
                                                                 rubbish, and debris frequently accumulates in bodies
                                                                 of water.
                                                                 It is a very effective in camouflaging the bottom of
                                                                 the lake or other water feature.

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