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The Solution

       Hydra Lake Shade adds a natural colour effect to
       water bodies, the water appears to be much deeper
       than it actually is.

       Hydra Lake Shade are not only aesthetically pleasing
       but also cuts out the UV light entering the body of
       water decreasing UV light levels which are necessary
       for algae and plant growth.
       Hydra Lake Shade a highly concentrated powder (up
       to 3 times stronger than liquids) makes it easy to
       apply and instantly goes into solution, with no
       un-dissolved residues. Start treating end of February.

                                                                 This colour enhance the reflective properties of lakes
                                                                 and water features. Making them look vibrant whilst
                                                                 creating a stunning background for water plants.
                                                                 Hydra Lake Shade is completely free of pesticides
                                                                 and herbicides and other harmful chemicals.
                                                                 It is safe with fish, any visiting wildlife or domestic
                                                                 animals and even hides aquatic life from predators.

          How To Use

       This food based dye is harmless to filters and plants
       and is used by Golf Clubs, Fishing Clubs, Fish
       Breeders and Local Authorities as well as for domestic
       Dilution Rates:

            1 kilo treats up to 4 million litres of water
             (approx. 1 acre at a depth of 1 metre).

            Packed in water soluble sachets 20 kilos carton.
            Retreat approximately every 3 months.
       Simply throw into the water where Hydra Lake Shade
       dissolves on its own without hard to dissolve clumps
       left behind.
       Retreat the water body after 3 months to maintain
       the colour. Dilution rate may vary depending upon
       the intensity of the colour required and original colour
       of the water body.

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