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Features & Advantages

      Keeps Ponds at optimum alkalinity & hardness.                Ponds with vinyl liners or of fibre glass
      Steadily brings water hardness and pond pH up to              construction tend to show a decrease in alkalinity
      correct level.                                                (they do not contain any natural pH buffers) over

        Hydra pH Buffer slowly releases a pH buffering             time and need Hydra pH Buffer to maintain an
         solution into the pond water to help keep it in            acceptable level.
         balance for GH General Hardness and KH Carbonate          Safe for aquatic life, including delicate fish and
         Hardness.                                                  pond plants.
        Rain in today’s global warming climatic conditions        Free from algae-growth promoting phosphates.
         contains large amounts of CO² which is acidic and
         can thus lower the alkalinity of your pond water.         Hydra pH Buffer is specially formulated to balance
                                                                    and maintain the pond water at optimum pH
        Ideal if you live in a soft water area.                    levels.
        Increases buffering capacity of the water.                Helps protect against effects of acid rain which
                                                                    can cause a pH crash.


                                                                 Counters the low pH levels (increased acidity)
                                                                 occurring due to inevitable rain water addition in the
                                                                 The rain waters may contain high amounts of CO2 –
                                                                 as result of change in climatic conditions due to
                                                                 global warming.
                                                                 Since CO2 is acidic in nature the pH level of the pond
                                                                 dips considerably after rain.

       Hydra pH Buffer has a continuous and long-lasting
       buffering ability.

       It is extremely cost effective and simple to use even
       for vast ponds containing huge amounts of water.
       It works very well without harming pond plants and
       has no phosphate content that induces the growth of

       pH crashes and drastic pH swings are two of the
       most common weak spots in any pond.
                                                                 Ponds constructed using vinyl liners or fibre
       Luckily tragedies that arise from them can be             glass show steady decline in alkalinity due to
       stopped by using pH buffers like Hydra pH Buffer.
                                                                 the absence of natural pH buffers.
       Hydra pH Buffer’s granules safe guard your water          Hydra pH Buffer balances out the pH and maintains
       from dropping pH levels and wild swings by                the acceptable pH level in the ponds.
       absorbing excess hydrogen ions that cause acidity
       and release them back if the pH rises too suddenly.       Hydra pH Buffer is specially formulated to balance
                                                                 and maintain the pond water at optimum pH levels.

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