Page 2 - Hydra Quarry Lake Shade (Quarry Water Dye)
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Features and Advantages

            Ideal for quarry owners and local authorities to       Acts a UV filter and thwarts the growth of
             discourage people from visiting quarry area.            weeds, algae in already contaminated water of
                                                                     the quarry.
            Gives a deep brown hue to the water body,
             putting off visitors from using the quarry area.       Safe for domestic or wild animals that may stray
                                                                     into the quarry lake.
            Available in easy to use water soluble bags.
                                                                    Free of harmful chemicals.
            Highly concentrated powder dissolves instantly
             leaving no residues.                                   Constituents include food based dye colours that
                                                                     are not classified under substances hazardous
            Coloured natural finish of the water lasts              for environment or human health (under67/548/
                                                                     EEC and/or EC Regulation 1272/2008).
            Frequent reapplications not required.                  Completely non toxic, does not increase the
                                                                     toxic level of the quarry water.

         The Problem

                                                                Quarry lakes are known to carry dead animals causing
                                                                bacterial growth in the water.
                                                                Most often miners leave behind equipment in disused
                                                                quarries, which are unnoticeable under water, posing
                                                                danger to the divers or swimmers who may suddenly hit
                                                                upon such machinery.
                                                                Bottoms of the quarries are uneven, thus divers may hit
                                                                the ground thinking water runs deep, others may
                                                                suddenly reach deeper parts and loose foothold of the
       ©Ross Parry Agency
                                                                Local authorities and quarry owners put up signs and
       Disused quarries are often naturally filled with water,   fences to warn visitors about the impending health
       especially those dug up close to the level of ground       hazards and the risks involved in the “inviting” quarry
       water.                                                                          waters.
       Abandoned quarries that are filled with water pose              It is known that people often disregard such signs and
       serious danger to the local people who tend to use them
       as swimming pools.
       Summer is the time when people are the most tempted
       to dive into the water and go to the nearest pool or lake.
       People often disregard the warning signs and cross over
       the gates and damaged fences. Most quarries can not
       be drained in the water supply as the water is too toxic.
       Some quarries are filled with beautiful blue, tropical
       seeming water, which actually happens due to the
       leaking of calcite crystals into the waters as a result of
       quarrying activity.
       Such lakes may look inviting but the perils remain same
       or even higher- since beautiful lakes attract more visitors   ©F Stop Press
       therefore put more people at risk. Many of such lakes    choose to climb over the gates or broken fences.
       are highly alkaline due to the presence of calcium oxide
       in water, with the pH 11.3 and as hazardous as bleach    Hydra Quarry Lake Shade camouflages the bottom of
       or ammonia.                                              the quarry lake making the seemingly clean water
                                                                almost repulsive to the visitors.
       Quarry pools are filled with cold water that may be much
       colder than the water in the sea or other lakes or rivers.    This discourages people from using the lake for
       Extreme cold water induces muscle cramps and even an     recreational water activities.
       expert swimmer could drown when caught unaware in        In addition, the deep colour of Hydra Quarry Lake Shade
       such situation.                                          filters out UV that slows the growth of weeds and algae.

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