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Quarry Accidents

       Often the water in quarries is a lot colder compared to   Visitors might post the pictures of themselves playing
       water bodies which the swimmer may have                 in the water on the Internet and it appears as if they
       experienced. Swimming in Quarry lakes exhausts          are holidaying the Bahamas. This attracts even more
       people sooner than they expect and they get into        visitors including families with children and toddlers to
       difficulties.                                           the tropical looking quarry.
       In July 2013 dead body of a teenager was recovered      The local councils are unable to deter the people from
       from Gullet Quarry in Worcester. The alarm was raised   using the quarry water primarily because the land may
       after he failed to resurface while swimming but the                 be privately owned. In addition it is impossible to drain
       emergency services team were not able to save him.      the water into the water supply because of its high
                                                               toxic level.
       In June 2013 Kevin O'Hare, 15 and his rescuer Colin
       Poland died in the Paul's Quarry, Annalong.                            The 11.3pH of the water is as dangerous as ammonia
       The teenager went swimming in the closed quarry.
       Colin Poland lost his life while trying to save him.
       In 2012 four teenage boys drowned in separate
       incidents in disused quarries across the UK and on the
       Whitsun bank holiday weekend.
       In May 2009 Ryan Walker, 15, Derbyshire lost his life
       while swimming in Miltown Quarry, located near

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       Local councils are unable to keep away swimmers and     (11.5pH) and bleach (12.6pH).
       families from the quarry waters, which come to the      An effective way of keeping people away from the
       quarry for picnics and relaxing in the sun on the water   seemingly attractive yet dangerous waters is to
       side.                                                   camouflage the beautiful and apparent clear view of
       People are attracted to the water because of the               the water body.
       beautiful blue hue, which in fact is a result of calcite   Hydra Quarry Lake Shade is the appropriate product
       crystals that leak into the quarry and gives the water   which covers the natural colour of the water and turns
       an attractive turquoise colour.
                                                               it to a unsightly hue of brown.
       The quarrying activity also gives out the by-product of   Hydra Quarry Lake Shade is a blend of edible food
       calcium oxide making the water alkaline and hence             grade dyes, which does not increase the toxic levels of
       unsafe for swimming or any recreational activity. The   the water. The product comes in the form of
       pH level, as high as 11.3, is known to trigger fungal               concentrated powder packed in water soluble bags,
       infections including thrush, various skin problems and   which can simply be thrown into the water body.
       upset stomach. The water body may also be infested
       with excrement, carcass of dead animals and even car    Hydra Quarry Lake Shade leaves behind no
       wrecks.                                                 un-dissolved residues and the natural finish would last
                                                               up to three months or more before reapplication.
       People often disregard the warning signs put up by the
       council that clearly state that the water body contains
       rubbish, is hazardous to health and unfit for

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