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Description                                              How To Use

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       Hydra Quarry Lake Shade conceals the natural colour      ©Ross Parry Agency
       of the water.                                            The product, applied in quantity, as small as, 100
       A single application of the product dyes the water for   grams could treat up to 100,000 litres of water and
       months and the water body is likely to seem              one kilogram would colour up to 4 million litres,
       unattractive to the people.                              approximately one acre (4000 sq. m) of water surface
                                                                with a depth of 1 meter.
       Hydra Quarry Lake Shade is best option to alter the
                                                                Easy to use water soluble powder, packed in self
       colour of the flooded quarries so that lake or pool is no   dissolving bags.
       more aesthetically appealing to people. In addition, the
       dye blocks UV rays, therefore prevents messy algal or    Simply toss into the water to be treated, natural wind
       plant growth.                                            driven currents will mix the product over a day or two
                                                                into the whole water body.
       The composition of Hydra Quarry Lake Shade is free
       of any harmful chemicals and is certified for not posing   A very simple yet cost effective way to keep people
                                                                from coming to harm in dangerous disused quarries
       any danger to the ecology.
                                                                and other water bodies.  Fences costing tens of
       The product is a blend of food grade dye and is          thousands of pounds might not stop them from
       completely harmless for all animals that may stray into   entering the water but Hydra Quarry Lake Shade will
       the quarry area.                                         for the cost of a few hundred pounds.

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                                                                ©Ross Parry Agency

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