Hydra LT Extreme (Winter Bacteria)

Hydra LT Extreme (Winter Bacteria)

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  • Psychrophile winter bacteria work at temperatures as low as 2°C
  • Unlike other bacteria it continues working during cold winter months
  • Reducing excess nutrients gives your pond or lake a head start in the Spring
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to Pond - 100,000 litres or Lake 1 acre

Features & Advantages

  • Blend of carefully selected pond beneficial bacteria strains that multiply rapidly to replace the bacteria lost during winters
  • Nitrifying bacteria in LT Extreme acts on harmful ammonia to convert it into nitrite and subsequently to nitrates
  • Blend includes special beneficial bacteria that break down excess nutrients and organic matter to give clearer water
  • Eliminates cloudy water and odour problems by acting upon pollutants and organic deposits in the pond
  • Perfect for seeding new biological filters
  • Gives your pond a head start by boosting the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Help maintain the ecological balance of the water
  • Controls blanket weed and algal growth in the pond by digesting the nutrients required for their growth
  • Easy to use, mix with pond water and add directly into the pond or filters
  • Suitable to work efficiently in both fresh water and salt water systems
  • Safe to use in water with fish and aquatic plants

How to Use

Treatment Rate Monthly: For Ponds

Apply at rates below. Repeat monthly from beginning of October till March. For use when temperature is below 12°C (54°F).

Size of Pond In LitresSize of Pond in GallonsApplication
<1,000 litres220 gallons100 gram
<2,000 litres440 gallons200 gram
<5,000 litres1,100 gallons300 gram
<10,000 litres2,200 gallons350 gram
<20,000 litres4,400 gallons400 gram
<50,000 litres11,000 gallons500 gram



  • Apply at 2 kilo per hectare each month or bi-monthly depending on the water quality and algae bloom. Higher dosages produce faster results.
  • Mix with pond water. Then, add directly to the water body. If possible circulate treated water by pump for even distribution.

Note: UV light are installed in the ponds to kill bacteria, however favourable bacteria also dies out in the process. Therefore, to gain maximum benefit out of the product, please switch off the UV lights for at least 24 hours after adding LT Extreme in the water.

*Full Instructions on the label.


The Problem

In a balanced pond ecology most types of good pond bacteria develop on their own, but often it is not sufficient to ward of common pond problems such as:

  • Cloudy water
  • Sludge accumulation
  • Bad odour from slow decomposition of organic waste
  • Low pH level, i.e. increase in water acidity, harmful for fish and good bacteria
  • Depletion of dissolved oxygen levels.

The Solution

Pond keepers may maintain pond balance by adding natural favourable bacteria in the pond, especially at the beginning of the winter season when the good bacteria starts to die out due to the cold temperature. LT Extreme includes highly concentrated beneficial bacteria (10 billion cfu/gram) that help resolve various water quality problems including uncontrolled algal growth.

LT Extreme is an effective biological treatment product (for colder months of winter) to maintain the beneficial pond bacteria level that may die out due to the colder temperature. The blend includes careful selection of different bacteria with various useful actions and quality:

  • Ability to withstand wide range of pH level and temperature,
  • Ability to double every 20 minutes,
  • Ability to digest specific nutrients that cause algae growth and poor water quality

LT Extreme is suitable for use in gold fish as well as koi fish ponds, boundary water courses, zoo ponds, leisure fishing lakes, ecologically unbalanced ponds. The product gives excellent results in water bodies under intensive aquaculture operations such as live stock holding tanks, commercial fish farms and angling clubs.

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